Cat Formula – 225mg

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This product contains 225mg of hemp terpenes and is mixed with Wild Alaskan Salmon oil making it perfect for cats (can also be given to dogs).
Anxiety, cancer, seizure, epilepsy, pain, chronic inflammation, bowel disease, nervous system, appetite, nausea, cardiovascular health, and arthritis.
CO₂ extracted hemp terpenes, wild alaskan salmon oil, and organic MCT oil.
0.5ml to 1ml per day*.
*If your pet is currently on a prescribed medication, please consult your Veterinarian before taking.

3 reviews for Cat Formula – 225mg

  1. airplanegx-3091 (verified owner)

    This is a game changer! Bought this for my Sphynx and his allergies but turns out my Persian is in love! Helps with her anxiety and has helped with her anger towards her brothers. Our little 9 year old Persian has turned into a playful kitten again, chasing her brothers and playing! Thank you!

  2. miss.despres (verified owner)

    This product has been an actual blessing for my cat Loki. As a kitten, he was found to have a mysterious joint deformity that baffled our vet. He was very painful growing up and had limited mobility. He could barely jump! After starting him on Hemp 4 Paws, he is like a whole new pussycat! He jumps, runs around like a wild cat and is able to play, chase and wrestle his younger brother Buddy! 🖤 Thank you SO much Hemp 4 Paws!

    IG: @mischief_managed_nox_

  3. awlynska (verified owner)

    I have a 13 year old cat with spinal arthritis. I had previously bought the small breed formula and had to force him to take it like medicine. Ever since I got the cat specific formula he runs over as soon as I shake the bottle. He’s been way more playful since I’ve been giving it to him.

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