Medium Breed (pets 25lb-60lb) – 300mg

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This product contains 300mg of hemp terpenes and is recommended for medium pets (25-60lbs).
Anxiety, cancer, seizure, epilepsy, pain, chronic inflammation, bowel disease, nervous system, appetite, nausea, cardiovascular health, and arthritis.
CO₂ extracted hemp terpenes and organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil.
1ml to 2ml per day*.
*If your pet is currently on a prescribed medication, please consult your Veterinarian before taking.

7 reviews for Medium Breed (pets 25lb-60lb) – 300mg

  1. bcbmp

    Our King Charles Spaniel was having seizures at least once every two weeks. We started using the small breed formula almost 6 months ago. The seizures became less and less to where once every two months was the norm.
    At the Pet Lovers Show in Abbotsford in February, Dave suggested that going to the medium breed strength might be beneficial. I do think it has been, as i can only think of one seizure since. Thanks Dave

  2. ashleynmcneil (verified owner)

    Our senior dog has had some progressive hind end mobility issues over the last few years and we’ve tried all the meds prescribed by our vet which have been somewhat effective but not without undesirable side affects . We have had her on hemp4paws for a few months and it’s been a relief to see her so comfortable and getting around much better than she has in quite some time. We all sleep a little easier.

  3. mariapettersson (verified owner)

    We have been using this for our senior dog that had some trouble jumping up on the bed. No issues anymore! This works wonders!

  4. amandaforrest447

    I have been using this for the last several months for my dog with very bad hips and he struggled so much and would barely move. Since being on this he is much more mobile and seems more comfortable!

  5. scoopman (verified owner)

    My buddy has seizures when he starts one I give 2 ml at start and then maybe 1 more during.. the seizures stops within. Few mins.. before they would go on for 10 mins or more and scare me half to death.. since using his seizures have also been cut way back where he has them maybe once every few months.. This has helped alot <3

  6. vstarmomma

    I have a 10 yr old Siberian Husky, she was given 2 months on August 20 2020 due to a large (football size) non cancerous tumor around her spine and into her belly.
    We started Hemp4paws for medium size dogs and the tumor is gone. She has some difficulty with her back leg due to her spine but she is running and jumping up on the bed 5 1/5 months later!

  7. robert.lesage (verified owner)

    We started to use this last year and we do see a difference in our dog behaviour. The walking was really difficult at first and after a couple of days of using this product, we saw a difference and we now have a dog way more calm and he is actually less reactive with other animals. It is expensive, yes. However, we are satisfied with the result! I would recommend it to other pet owners.

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